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17 October 2016

THE TRIP rescues a titanic experience of pure Rock.

For the early progenitors of the Rock until the new generation of unconscious pupils, THE TRIP rescues a titanic experience of pure Rock. Originally founded in a power trio format carried an experienced voice, virtuoso guitar and psychedelic, a strong and solid "kitchen" consists of a heavy battery, accurate and a fearless and energetic-down against the embryo of this newest trip from Rock came in 2009, where the drummer William Rimoli invites the then singer and bassist Marcello Arieta to form a new project always going to, in essence, the flow against the current scene. Already old known bands both Marcello and William, the duo predicted then, for this new project, invite the guitarist Fabio Nunes, which automatically already climbed before being invited. so was born the "The Trip" nostalgically rescuing the already tried and approved primitive homogeneous Rock.

For the early progenitors of the Rock until the new generation of unconscious pupils,

The journey begins in the atmosphere compositions like "The End of Times", "The Greater Sunset" and "Ghost Or Angel?". Inaugurating a more unique, heavy, dense and fuzzy Rock at the same time has a clear and visible contamination of progressive rock. Songs like "Criminal Lady" and "We can do it Better" bring a more pure sound and rhythm of the trio. The single "The End Of Times" so named walnut refer to strong and massive compositions of great bands in rock history, and above all, curiosity and a possible future album of the group.

Soon in 2011, paying tribute the best bands of Rock International, the trio first started the project entitled

THE TRIP OF ... doing the best tribute progressive rock band, RUSH!

Having a favorable repercussion decided to invite the then frontman CARLOS MARCEDO to join in new projects and recording of tax bands not less than LED ZEPPELIN and BLACK SABBATH.

After presenting in important houses in the area with tribute THE TRIP OF LED ZEPPELIN the end of 2012 the band decided to take a break to compose!

In 2013 they returned to the studio with CARLOS MACEDO to compose a new album in the classic format quartet compositions turn to a ROCK even more raw and elegant in referring to bands from the beginning of HARD ROCK .... interspersing preproduction and shows resolve to take a break in December of that year getting the album finalizing for next year!

Soon THE TRIP that needed a new gas for 2014 put his face in rehearsals and on the road with the invitation design "ROCK SINFONÍSTICO" receiving the conductor invitation Eder Aldo's OSCA (Symphonic Orchestra of Catanduva) to perform a concert unheard of in a fully orchestrated rock concert! Having a high-profile criticism!

With the trust and intimacy with their new member, reformulating the old and new compositions to finalize their newest album this year!

SZ: What is the current lineup?

r: Marcelo Arieta on bass Fabio Nunes Fiu lazarin guitar on vocals and William Rimoli battery

SZ: Who has played in the band and why leave?

A: already had several vocalists after we decided to leave the trio formation ... Carlinhos was the most lasted but in all cases I had no way to say the same commitment to the ideas and projects of the band! Among them had Alexander Cocatto Carlinhos overdrive and even Fiu (vocals current) made a cameo when Arieta was hoarse kkk

SZ: What are the influences of each member?

A: my influences and Arieta and Fabio are practically the same ... in the line of classic led zeppelin hendrix etc some progressive etc ... the Fiu comes from a more modern footprint with The Cult, ramones ACDC etc.

SZ: What is the biggest influences of the band just one? r

: I think if it were just a band name like say metallica influence that brings a classic rock with a modern vocal perhaps .... but this question eh kind of hard to answer so in just a band!

SZ: Define what a band?

r: a band eh marriage only with more people .... you need to have game waist and discuss together always what the band wants or whatever path will follow etc.

SZ: How to hold the band in the domestic market?

A: The trip today is based shows in bars and nightclubs that makes us invest in own band for our projects walk!

SZ: Review the independent scene in Brazil?

A: The general scene in Brazil believe that has seen better times but I think the rock lately shows that is growing and the independent scene with union of bands and outreach events like rock fest believe that much improvement!

SZ: How will the music market in 10 years?

r: in an increasingly technological world difficult to imagine how would the Daki market 10 years ago ... we believe in being able playing still very rock n roll

SZ: What it takes to succeed?


SZ: What are the projects for 2017?

r: for 2017 we want to record an album with Fiu a more raw sound less progressive than the first and we will rescue some materials we had before Whew .... want to make a PRE SET well done so we can get in the studio already all ready! And as in the first we will continue with the formula of live recording ... we believe that is more organic!

SZ: The Rock is still a philosophy of life or is manipulated by the media? How do you see the national Rock?

A: I think for us eh a lifestyle and so we do not care when it is manipulated or not, I believe that every move is always a fad but kind we are guys that we enjoyed rock even if we did not know the band ... if you bump into us on the street you do not need to know whether or not eh know think it transpires

SZ: What is the future of the Rock?

r: future of rock do not think it will change much of what today eh think will increasingly funneling into something more select

SZ: Where played and what was the public reaction?

A: 7 years of hard band talk a nicer place which we played and the stories it brings .... but I think most of the time the public always ends up hanging out with us in the same way!

SZ: Why The Trip?

A: The Trip and the journey that brings rock where the band tries to make a trip rock n roll but the name at the foot of h letter "A trip

SZ: Leave a message for whom this form or thinking about forming a rock band?

r: do what is inside ... the way eh not easy and if you do not like will be harder! Be original does not care what others think etc seje sincere in their sound!

SZ: Final considerations.

A: I thank you once again my noble friend Fernando and all accompanying speedzine





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